Misc. Videos

A quick time lapse of assembling the paper model of the skull playground.  After assembling the 3D paper model we filled it with urethane foam.  Once that is cured it’s all ready for the fiberglass/epoxy exoskeleton for strength.  

This is a Dinosaur Clubhouse we built for the kids in our lives.  Just for fun.  There will be more videos soon that show some of the time lapse.  The very end of the video has the lighting and clubhouse.  There is also Tactile Transducers in the body that make the entire structure eminate sounds that is incorporated into a SONOS system to let the kids play music.  

A specialty lift that hides equipment behind the display with a compound mechanism to reduce the overall height.  Cabinet was designed and built entirely by Matthew Cosman as well as the lift mechanism.  The cabinet also has an incorporated lifting castor system so that it can be lifted off the flooring and moved easily around.  Installation in Beverly Hills, CA