Video Gallery

All the items shown here were designed and Installed by Matthew Cosman.  


The production version of the Underbed Lift.  This was the demo unit that ultimately wound up installed at my house after it traveled for trade shows.  This one was originally build in 2006.  

This version shows the ability to rotate for viewing anywhere in the room.  

This was a custom round Underbed Lift.  Yes, the bed rotates a continuous 360.  The Display also rotates for viewing other than in bed.  The footboard was also a fun piece of geometry to work out.    Installation in Coral Gables, FL 

This was a full set of 3 lifts custom built and integrated into the ceiling structure.  All the ceiling panels around the lifts had to be removable for service.  This was a fun Installation in Beverly Hills, CA  

A Wine Rack, what better way to double up the selection along with some cool factor.  Installation in Coral Gables, FL

A very early custom lift design.  This one had to rotate back in the corner space so that it didn’t swing out into the room.  Made for a cool visual effect.  Installation in Maui, HI

Popup Lift with Speakers.  A custom lift for a Master Suite that hides the speakers and display out of sight.  Installation in Telluride, CO

A video conference lift.  The fun part of this one was the freedom to “make it cool" What better way to showcase a camera coming out of the ceiling than an iris door?  The entire mechanism in the ceiling works its way around a quantity of IT wiring and AC ducts.  So it folds up sideways to tuck in neatly.  Installation in Newport Beach, CA

Another Popup display with speakers.  This was a 42" with left, right, and center channels that can rotate for viewing anywhere in the room.  Installation in Telluride, CO

Folding doors needed to fold back against the wall when open.  Installation in Telluride, CO

Painting Lift.  The painting is pulled rearward and raised up into the wall to reveal the display.  Installation in SLC, UT